“I have had the privilege of working with Ben in his capacity as editor, online-editor, post-supervisor and post-producer; not only is he technically faultless in everything he does, he is also a confidante, a motivator and a problem-solver when it comes to delivering narrative projects to a high standard. Working with Ben makes the whole post-production process a breeze thanks to his wealth of knowledge and experience as well as his warm nature and unfaltering patience. As an editor, he also has a deep understanding of tone, structure and pace as well as being a passionate collaborator. Ben digs deep in the edit and has a thirst for understanding the emotional nuances behind every cut, every line and every story beat which always makes for a rewarding experience driven by only one thing...story.”
Paul Holbrook, Multi-Award winning Writer and Director
"I had the pleasure of working with Ben when he was the Offline Editor of ‘Our Planet: Halo’ content, at Silverback Films in Bristol, and it’s very easy to praise him. The project was very unusual: we were making lots of different styles of short form video, for different audiences and various social media channels. Ben managed to turn his hand to everything: from comedy pieces narrated by a Netflix Actor, to weighty, impactful pieces narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Ben edits fast and creatively. I enjoyed the collaborative way he wanted to work, and his input into the script, overall narrative, and creative direction of all the pieces was invaluable.  For most of the many weeks we worked together, we were under intense time pressure - Sorry again for that Ben! - and Ben managed to continue working at pace, and positively, throughout. I can’t thank Ben enough for his Herculean efforts, and I look forward to working with him again, with a more relaxed schedule this time!"
Dan Huertas, Producer-Director on Netflix's 'Our Planet'
"I had the pleasure of working with Ben on our short film, Boys Like You. Ben's dedication to this collaborative passion project was extraordinary. The film presented editorial challenges, particularly with a lengthy dialogue sequence set in a single location that needed to maintain the audience's engagement. Ben managed the pacing impeccably, drawing the audience in and ensuring the final moment delivered the necessary impact. His professionalism and ability to collaborate seamlessly with our director was exceptional. I look forward to working with him again in the future."
Matthew French, Producer at Ey Up Films
"Ben worked with us for a couple of years, managing the editing and delivery of a complex series of short Natural History films for a client in the Middle East. He was efficient, highly organised and a delight to work with. His skills and approach made him an essential cornerstone of our team, fully embracing both the challenges and the creative opportunities."​​​​​​​
Mark Whatmore, Director on Oman Botanic Garden films at Yoho Media
"Ben was a massive asset to the production. He is a very talented, efficient & incredibly thorough editor. I recommend him highly & look forward to working with him again."
Tilly Marshall, Producer on Curly and WeTransfer's 'Drop School'
"I've been absolutely delighted with Ben as Editor on Love Monster! As a first time series Director, I needed someone who not only knew his craft inside out, but who I could have continuous storytelling and creative conversations with to enable us to do our absolute best for the show, which Ben fulfilled completely. He was always ready to help us draw every ounce of creative potential out of the episodes, take the lead in solving difficult story issues, and always remaining cheery under pressure which was so welcome. I thoroughly recommend Ben as series Editor, and very much look forward to working with him again in future."
Jack Tilley, Director of 'Love Monster'
"I’ve had the honour of working with Ben through my offline and online on two separate short films. I have been blown away by his skill and the speed at which he works. Ben is a pleasure to cut with, not only because he has a clear grasp of story and style, but because he is also an exceptional person. Throughout the process I found him kind, supportive and great to bounce ideas off and give notes too, in equal measure. He undoubtedly has an exceptional career ahead of him, I only hope he’s available to work with me again in the future."
Keira Malik, Writer Director and Producer
"Ben has been wonderful to work with! His patience and ability to work in a timely manner has been deeply appreciated. He understood and shared Integrate UK's vision of youth-led activism and incorporated the team's feedback in all the edits. He also continued to show a level of passion to the issues at handrelating to gender and racial inequality, and all in all has made this experience delightful. The quality of work Ben has produced is exceptional and we hope to work with him again!" 
Amaal Ali and Amaleehah Aslam Forrester, Project Managers at Integrate UK
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